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Participation of African experts in IPCC review gets a boost

ClimateContact Consultancy has initiated, developed and implemented an e-learning course on reviewing  draft IPCC reports. This project was funded by the Future Climate for Africa program (FCFA) and the Climate Knowledge and Development Network (CDKN), commissioned and hosted by SouthSouthNorth (SSN) from Cape Town, South Africa.

The (micro) e-learning course was developed  to raise awareness and support interested African climate experts to get involved in the IPCC review process The course, that took place in June and July 2018, has been given a boost to the historically low participation of African experts (0.5-2%) in the review of IPCC assessment reports. It consisted of three webinars, introducing the IPCC and best practice for review techniques. Feedback polls showed that these webinars were well appreciated by its participants. The course also included one-to-one discussions to support prospective reviewers of two draft IPCC reports the Special Report on Climate Change and Land, and Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees.

We succeeded in considerably enhancing the number of reviewers from the African continent compared to previous IPCC Draft reports– at least in the review of the First Order Draft of the Special Report on Climate Change and Land. The content on the course can be found on the the FCFA website as well.


Utrecht, September 26, 2018